Do My Test Scores Matter?

SAT. ACT. SAT2.  TOEFL.  PSAT.  PLAN. These tests loom large in the college admissions process.  And no other aspect of the process generates as many questions—and anxieties—as the standardized tests. On the one hand, you should not tress too much about your scores.  They are only one element of the entire application, and other elements […]

College Board Will Make Changes to SAT

The College Board recently announced it will make changes to the SAT. What might these changes look like? Read this blog post to find out.

Average ACT Score Unchanged Despite Growing Numbers of Test Takers

A report released yesterday by ACT, Inc, indicates that the average national score on the college entrance test has held steady, even though the number of students taken the test has increased. The national average score on the ACT is 21.1 on a 36 point scale. The test contains four components: math, science, English, and […]

Carnival of College Admissions, 2nd Edition

Welcome to the second edition of the Carnival of College Admission.  The Carnival is a biweekly round-up of interesting blog posts related to the transition from high school to college. I’ve had many folks contact me asking what a blog carnival is, and why they should consider submitting posts to each edition.  My friend, Peter […]

Kaplan Test Prep: An Evaluation

I just finished reading Jeremy Miller’s article in the September issue of Harper’s. It’s entitled, “Tyranny of the Test:  One Year as a Kaplan coach in the public schools.” The focus of the article is Kaplan‘s corporate foray into the tutoring business, which has mushroomed since the implementation of No Child Left Behind, which requires […]