College Admissions Expert Interviews Campus Tour Guide

Mark interviews Nathan, a tour guide at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.

Expert Educational Consultant on the Importance of Visiting Colleges

Mark goes to Hamilton College in Upstate New York to talk about the value of a first-hand impression of a college.

Educational Consultant Explains Importance of College Study Spaces

When touring a college, don’t forget what you’re going there to do: study! Mark shows some different types of study spaces in the library of Seattle University.

When Is Best Time to Visit a College Campus?

Mark explains why the dead of winter can be absolutely the best time to see a school as students experience it. And you get a better idea of how students interact–and cope with the weather. Winter can be fun!

The Dos and Don’ts of Successful Campus Visit For Parents and Students

As you plan the general goals of your campus visits, plan the logistics, take the tour, listen to the information session, and investigate the campus surroundings, keep in mind these few tips for making the visit as productive, successful, and fun as possible. Parents: Don’t ask too many questions, either in the information session or […]

The Campus Visit–Considering A College’s Surroundings

Previous articles in this series on visiting college campuses have focused on some general tips, practicalities, the official campus tour, and the admissions information session. When touring a campus, it’s important to remember that in choosing a college you are also choosing the community in which the college or university exists.  So make time during […]

The Campus Tour–the Centerpiece of the College Visit

The campus tour and official information session are the focal point of any campus visit.  But it’s important to remember that a lot of thought (and money) has gone into creating a wonderful experience for the visiting family (there are even consulting groups that do nothing but advise college admissions directors on how to improve […]

Planning the Visit to a College Campus: The Practicalities

Planning a good college visit takes some time and thought.  The visit is an opportunity for you to gather information that will help you in making an extraordinarily important decision:  which college will you attend?  You need to carefully consider your goals.  What questions do you want answered?  What facilities will mean the most to […]

Social Stereotypes and Campus Life–Carnegie Mellon University

College campuses have social stereotypes: The geeky, intellectual campus. The very conservative campus, both socially and politically The earthy-crunchy campus where veganism is common The laid-back, middle-of-the-road, “I-don’t-take-life-too-seriously” sort of place The quirky campus full of off-beat individuals Carnegie Mellon University has a reputation for attracting intellectually-intense math and science geeks who are studying computers, […]

College Visits: Remember Three Important Features

When I visit college and university campuses, I try to search for a few distinguishing features that will help me remember what makes this particular institution stand out from its peers.  Often I will start by asking admissions counselors–who are, after all, in the business of marketing–what they see as the three most important things […]