Transfer Student Gets Great College Advice

I went to Mark for transfer admission help and he went above and beyond in delivering advice, taking both my personal and professional goals into consideration. His background in higher education allows him to offer a wide breadth of knowledge from the perspective of a professor, admissions officer, and parent.

Parent Thanks Counselor for Help With College Transfer

I used to think that the few parents who were hiring admissions consultants were the ultimate in helicopter parents. Working with you really changed my opinion about the value of good counseling and good advice. I realize now how flat-out difficult the process really is.

Beware of the Turkey Drop

The “turkey drop” can be one of two things.  It is often referred to when first-year students return home for Thanksgiving break and break it off with their high school sweethearts.  Suddenly the reality of a long distance romance and the temptations of college hit home and they want to return to school without a […]

Transfer Process: Life Changing or a Big Hassle?

I recently reconnected with one of my former transfer students via a social networking site. I assisted the student with the transfer admission process at the institution I used to work at and he sent me one of those rare emails where a student reminds me why I wanted to become an educator. He raved […]

Transferring Colleges, Studying Chinese

During a recent trip to Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, I met a young man from Massachusetts who spoke beautiful Mandarin Chinese. I had lunch with him, and asked him about his educational trajectory.  He mentioned several tantalizing tidbits, including the fact that he had transfered from Boston University to the University of Massachusetts, that his major […]

Failing Grades at Community College: Will They Kill Me?

Sometimes people write with personal questions, seeking advice for their particular situation. I received one today from a student at a community college who had a couple of failing grades.  Clearly, the student had finally woken up and figured out that getting Fs was not such a great idea.  But with that new understanding, what […]