College Admissions Counselor on Undergraduate Research: Don’t Believe the Hype

Mark speaks about the propensity of almost all colleges to extol their undergraduate research programs on their tours. But beware: not all colleges are walking the walk.

College Admissions Expert on Double Majors at Liberal Arts Schools

Mark lends his expertise to advice on taking double majors at liberal arts colleges: it’s best not to narrow your focus to the details of two separate majors, but to take one major and get the whole picture.

Best College Admission Video Essays–A Positive Trend?

More and more colleges allow students to submit YouTube videos as a part of the admissions process. While some are pretty creative, is this move to video a positive trend? Have a look at the videos themselves here, and weigh in with your opinion.

Sick of College Essays? Apply to Tufts via YouTube

Tufts University is making a buzz from its new admissions option. Instead of writing yet another essay (Tufts requires quite a few), applicants were given the option of sending a 1 minute YouTube video. More than 1,000 applicants took the challenge. This practice may revolutionize admissions. I wonder how many other colleges will offer this […]

Early Decision Acceptances Rise at Tufts: A Harbinger?

An article in the Tufts Daily indicates that the university has accepted quite a few more students from its Early Decision pool than last year: 12% more. It could be, as the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions says in the article, that the pool of ED applicants at Tufts was just outstanding this year. Or it […]

More College Rankings: Best Global Universities

The Times Higher Education in the UK recently released its rankings of the top 200 universities in the world.  Seven out of the top 10 are American universities.  Can you guess which ones are near the top of the list? I did my  undergraduate work at number 54, earned my doctorate at number 157, was […]