Forbes, Payscale, and Calculating the Value of a College Major

Mark’s looks at a recent article critiquing Payscale’s data on “return on investment” for America’s colleges and universities.

Ithaca College: A Large Private College with Small College Perks

If you’re looking for a medium sized private college with small college perks, consider Ithaca in upstate New York.

Private University at Public School Price–Financial Aid for Smart Students

If you do well in school, you will be rewarded. Seton Hall has announced deep discounts for top students. You can now attend a private university at a public school price.

Why Does College Cost So Much? The President of Sarah Lawrence Explains

Colleges cost a lot. Sarah Lawrence College costs the most. Why is that? And is this really true? (Hint: It depends on how good a student you are…!)

College Consulting and Higher Education Management

One hidden, but very important part of my job is to keep up with trends in how colleges are managed. This arcane stuff may seem irrelevant for a college counselor, but it helps me understand the larger context in which college admissions offices make their decisions. An article today from Inside Higher Ed reports on […]

$cholarship $cams — You Have Been Warned

It’s that time of year again, when students and parents are being solicited by all sorts of organizations who promise to find you a scholarship. Before you lunge at that offer that seems to be good to be true, make sure you check out the Federal Trade Commission’s $cholarship $cams website. Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant

Out-of-State Public Universities–A Good Idea?

Today’s issue of Inside Higher Ed has an article about public universities eager to boost revenues–and head count–by recruiting out-of-state students. Many public universities are facing deep budget cuts, and some are hoping to make up their revenue shortfalls by recruiting out-of-state students.   The article expresses many doubts that this will be a good strategy […]