University of Colorado Boulder Offers New Scholarships for Colorado Residents

Are you a high-achieving Colorado resident? CU Boulder is offering new financial incentives for you to attend.

University of Colorado Boulder’s Engineering Honors Program: Learning Beyond the Classroom

The University of Colorado Boulder has an honors program for students studying engineering. Watch this video to learn more about what the program offers and how to apply.

Looking To Study Engineering in College? Check Out What Colorado Has to Offer You!

Interested in studying engineering in college? The state of Colorado offers some great choices for you. Listen to Nate Wright, Director of Marketing and Recruiting for the School of Engineering and Computer Science, from the University of Denver as he talks about your different options.

Looking for a College Focused on Sustainability?

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College Bookstores – Not Just for Books Anymore

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Cara Ray, Experienced College Admissions Professional, Joins Montgomery Educational Consulting

Cara Ray joins the Great College Advice team!

Community College and PSEO Classes Can Lead to University Success

For students who want to both save money and prepare for college success, consider taking college classes while still in high school. You may even get into Harvard (or at least the flagship public university in your state)!