Moody’s Bond Ratings for Higher Education and the US News Rankings

Colleges and universities would not be great investments, generally speaking. Moody’s Investor Service has a negative outlook for the sector. A college admissions expert explains what this means.

Average Class Sizes at University of Rochester

I just watched a video that was referred to me by a friend on Facebook. I often ignore these links, but this one clearly had a college theme–and my friend thought it was hilarious.  So I clicked on it. It was hilarious.  And you should watch it for the entertainment value. But you should also […]

The Real Secret of College Admission

David L. Marcus volunteers to interview applicants for his alma mater, Brown University. Last month, he wrote an article for U.S. News and World Report titled, “The Real Secret of College Admissions.” In his article, Marcus writes about some of the difficult truths of the college admission process.  He talks about how the process can sometimes be […]

The New College Rankings–An Alternative

I’ve been enjoying getting to know the Daily Beast. Kathleen Kingsbury writes quite a bit about college admissions. A recent article highlighted some colleges and universities that are somewhat under the radar screen as far as US News & World Report is concerned, but that are offering innovative programs suited to a variety of students…often […]

Baylor Pays Students to Retake the SAT–Proving That Rankings Drive Policy

Just a couple of weeks ago, the National Council for College Admissions Counseling issued a report calling on colleges to reduce the importance of standardized scores in the admissions process. But as long as public rankings of colleges and universities, such as those issue by US News & World Report, it’s unlikely that colleges will […]

Duke University Administrator Blasts the Rankings Game

Today’s issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education features a commentary by John F. Burness, a former administrator at Duke, Cornell, and the University of Illinois. Burness critiques the rankings created by US News & World Report–and by newcomer, Forbes. While the rankings titillate and sell oodles of magazines, they do little to shed light […]

Colleges' Participation in US News Rankings Drops

Inside Higher Ed reports in an article today that many colleges–especially liberal arts colleges–are not participating in at least some aspects of the infamous US News & World Report rankings. The reasons are difficult to discern with certainty, but here are some likely explanations: According to Robert Morse, who leads the rankings project at US […]

Changes in How US News Calculates Rankings

US News & World Report’s infamous rankings system may include new sorts of data, according to an article today in Inside Higher Ed. They may add survey data collected from 1600 high school counselors, who are being asked to rate colleges on a scale of 1 to 5.  This data may–or may not–be used in […]