McDaniel–A High Quality, High Value Liberal Arts Education

Looking for an excellent liberal arts college that offers excellent quality at a relatively low price? Check out McDaniel College in Maryland.

Is An Expensive Private College Education Worth the Money? There's No Telling!

An opinion piece by John F. Wasik published yesterday at argues that the high tuition cost of Harvard and other high-priced colleges isn’t worth the money.  Clearly, an elite, private education is a lot of money.  But the argument that it’s a waste of money is impossible to refute.  It’s equally futile to argue […]

ABC News: Some Debt-Laden Gradutes Wonder Why They Bothered With College

An interesting piece on 20/20 this evening about college graduates with buyer’s remorse.   You can have a look at the segment here:   ABC News: Some Debt-Laden Gradutes Wonder Why They Bothered With College. It’s true that our society has bought into the myth that more education is necessarily better.  While there are averages and […]

Value Universities for the "Rest of Us"–A Difficult Claim To Maintain

Today a reader called me out on my decision to focus in a recent post on the Top 10 Value Colleges as identified by the Princeton Review (Kiplinger’s has a similar list, about which I also wrote about).   My reader made the point that public universities can be a better deal, and that the […]

U Penn: Large Class Sizes and Inaccessibility of Profs

I find that some parents are stuck on reputation and prestige when they walk into my office and start talking about colleges.  I try to remind them that they are buying not only the reputation, but the educational experience for four years. I also try to talk to them about class size and accessibility of […]