Advice for Students on the Wait List

Are you currently on the wait list at your favorite college? There are few things you can do to increase your chances of receiving a favorable answer.

On the Waiting List? Fuggedaboudit. Your Chances Are Slim.

Jacques Steinberg of the New York Times has an article yesterday in which he analyzes the phenomenon of the waiting list. Due to high volumes of applications and admissions offices’ uncertainty about how the economy might affect their yield rate, colleges have placed more students in limbo than ever before. Many college counselors will give […]

Accepted or Rejected? The Envelope Please….

Today is April 1st, the day by which colleges and universities across the land must tell their applicants of their decision:  accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. I was interviewed by the other day regarding my opinion about how students should handle the prospect of being rejected to their first choice school. You can read what […]

Elite Colleges Take More Students from Waiting Lists

This was a brutal year for admissions to top colleges. The applicant pool was larger than ever before. Harvard and Princeton did away with their early decision programs. Many elite colleges, including the Ivies, Lafayette, Bowdoin, and Stanford, announced generous new financial aid policies. And many colleges increased the size of their waiting lists, in […]