Secondary Schools Where Students Have Received Great College Advice

Great College Advice guides students attending selective private and public high schools in college selection, college admission, and college applications.

Choosing a High School or School District To Boost College Admission Chances

Should you move to a different town or state to give your kids a better chance at a selective university? Maybe yes, but probably no.

A Chinese Woman Majors in Accounting at the University of Wyoming

During my recent visit to the University of Wyoming, I met a woman from Suzhou, China, chattering away in Mandarin with a friend.  I had learned that there were significant numbers of international students on the campus.  In fact, my tour guide that day was from Zimbabwe. But I wanted to learn a bit more […]

What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing In WYOMING?

During my recent visit to the University of Wyoming, I came across two women chattering away in Mandarin Chinese.  While one was Chinese, the other was from Saipan, a small island in the South Pacific that is within the US Commonwealth (like Puerto Rico or Guam). Her name is Jennifer “J.J.” Jang, and she’s a […]

University of Wyoming–The Benefits of Attending A Wealthy State College

Often when I visit a college campus, I sit down with students to discuss their experiences. Such discussions initially unnerve the students (“Who are you, and what do you want?”).  But when they realize that I’m genuinely interested in learning about their college, they usually open up and share the good with the bad. The […]

Three Reasons to Attend the University of Wyoming

I recently visited the University of Wyoming. Situated in Laramie, the university is the only four-year college in the entire state. As such, the entire population is focused on providing Wyoming students with the best in higher education. I met with Brooke Spicer, an Admissions Representative, and asked her what would make for a great […]