We are delighted that our students and families are willing to share their experiences in working with us.

By the way, I really should thank you once more. Your essay-writing editing was absolutely invaluable, and your small-school advice even more so. Were it not for you, I’d currently be very excited about a university that would probably be largely disappointing; thank you for steering me on the right track with time to spare! If any of my underclassmen friends were to ask–or maybe not even then, because I certainly don’t need prompting–I’d definitely rave about liberal arts schools and college advisers, especially those with snazzy alliterative names.

M.G., Student, Albuquerque, NM

Thanks for working with Rachel so closely and effectively.  You could add the idea of “stress management” and “psychological advising” to your job description!  It clearly made a difference to Rachel and the stress level in the household.

D.Z., Parent, Hong Kong

Mark was extremely helpful in the college search and application process. He provided our son with a lot of information and helped him narrow down his choices.  Mark is so knowledgeable and has traveled to many different college campuses.  We simply found all of his guidance invaluable. Most importantly Mark was a great mentor to our son. He became someone that our son could call to ask questions or simply share some ideas.  Thanks to Mark’s experience and advice, our son was accepted to his top choice school.

C.C., Parent, North Andover, MA

Not only was Nichole accepted to her first choice university, she was offered an astounding scholarship and financial aid package, without which, she could not have attended. In part, this was occasioned by the good grades our daughter consistently earned throughout high school, but especially to the guidance and expertise of Mark Montgomery during the application process.

D.O., Parent, East Petersburg, PA

Mark helped our son navigate the confusing waters of college selection. He supported him in defining his priorities, selecting good schools that were a fit, and in the end making a college selection that we think is a win for our son—and for us. Mark’s terrific.

P.E., Parent, Morrison, CO

Dear Mark,

I hope you are doing well. The impossible has happened. I finally graduated with a degree in computer science. I’ve been meaning to write you this appreciation letter but I felt I could not do it until I graduated. Your words and consultation were invaluable to me and will continue to guide in as I start my career. I was always envious of students that seemed to have it all figured out but I was fortunate enough to have access to you. You are always mentioned every time someone asks about how I ended up going to school in Utah. I wish I listened to you about going to a smaller school from the start but I was (and probably still am) stubborn.

I regret not reaching out to you earlier, but the past is in the past and I have finally reached my goal of graduation with a useful (I hope) degree. I hope you have maintained your sense of humor and charisma with all the students you work with (especially the ones with Chinese tiger parents). Thank you Mr. Montgomery!

A.T., Student, San Diego, CA, and Hong Kong

Thanks so much for all your help.  I’m so excited to begin my studies in the USA.  I could not have found able such an excellent opportunity to study photography without you.  And my essay would have been horribly boring if you had not helped me dream up an interesting topic.  You made a frustrating process a lot more bearable.  And fun sometimes, too!

K.K., Student, Hong Kong

Late in the game, we contacted Mark Montgomery.  After talking with Sam on the telephone, Mark was able to tailor a list of schools that he thought would be a good match for Sam, and also potentially have scholarship money available.  Long story short, Sam applied to nine schools suggested by Mark, was admitted to all, and also offered a scholarship at every institution.  Sam made a decision to attend one of those schools and accept the generous scholarship offered to him by the college.  The scholarship he was offered is $20,500 annually, and should be renewed each year if our son maintains his GPA.  This particular college was not even on our radar…we would not have known about it without Mark’s suggestion.  Our only regret is that we did not engage Mark’s services earlier.  Our son’s senior year could have been a lot more fun for us as parents, and for our son. 

J.A.S., Parent, Denver, CO

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