Our college admissions advisors at Great College Advice ™ can make the entire college preparation, selection, and application process more successful, less stressful, and more fun!

Play the Admissions Game Like a Pro

Colleges and universities compete for students. And then they deny admission to apparently strong applicants. Colleges can manipulate the admissions game in a way that favors their national rankings–and not individual students. With our expertise in the field, we shed light on what can be a very confusing process. At the same time, we maintain a sharp focus on student needs and aspirations.

Find the Right Fit

With over 3,000 colleges and universities in the US, how do I know which is the best college fit for me? With our first-hand knowledge of colleges and understanding of the admission profession, we provide in-depth, personalized advice that no guidebook or website can. We get to know you so we can pick colleges that are right for you.

Take a humorous look at finding the right college fit.

Spend Education Dollars Wisely

Great College Advice is worth every penny.

Aside from a home, a college education is the biggest investment that most families will ever make. Yet most would never think of selling their home without the advice of a professional real estate agent. When you consider that the cost of a private 4-year college can be as much as $300,000, it makes sense to hire a professional college admissions advisor to help you make a sound investment.

Get It Right the First Time

On average, the percentage of students who enroll in a college who actually graduate from that same college is under 50%. This means that the many, many transfer to other schools after having made the wrong choice. By guiding you toward colleges that fit you best, you have a much better chance of matriculating and graduating from a school that suits your needs from start to finish.

Maintain Domestic Tranquility

Great College Advice eliminates stress from the college admissions process.

The college admissions process can be stressful for everyone involved. The process is confusing. The tasks seem endless: choosing appropriate courses, registering and studying for standardized tests, researching colleges, completing applications, writing essays, filling out financial aid forms…the list goes on and on. Professional advice can help relieve the tension. Our college admissions advisors won’t let the process get you down; in fact, we’ll help you enjoy the discoveries along the way.