What Courses Should a High School Senior Take?

For High School Juniors, the spring term can be especially tough with all the extra standardized testing.  If it’s not the AP, it’s the SAT or the ACT and then the Subject Tests in June.

Then your counselor calls you in to make your class schedule for senior year.  More than anything else, you want a break! Resist that temptation!

Do not slack off when you arrange your senior schedule.  Sure, you might have filled most of your requirements for graduation, but if you’re applying to competitive colleges, this is not the time to go half day.

In your Senior year, you need to be taking the most rigorous schedule possible.  If you’ve taken one AP in Junior year, now is the time to take two APs.  If you’ve taken two APs junior year, now is the time to take three APs. You get the idea.

Some seniors are even taking five APs.  Of course if you had an extremely difficult time in junior year with two APs, it’s advisable to stick with two APs for your senior year.

The key is to not  decrease the number of your rigorous courses.  Colleges want to see that you continue to challenge yourself each year.

A difficult senior year course load can be daunting.  That’s why you want to complete as much of your college application as possible over the summer before your 12th grade year.


Juliet Giglio

Educational Consultant in Syracuse, New York


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  1. I am a senior and having withdrawals of dropping French 2
    This is my current schedule :
    AP English Lit
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Health Services
    French 2
    Advanced Econ
    Algebra 2
    If dropping French 2, will my schedule look good for college?

  2. I am also a senior and regret taking one AP Class, I like the class but got a C in it, should I drop to regular or honors?
    Here’s my schedule:

    STEM Engineering Honors
    Pre-Calculus w/ Trig
    AP Physics 2
    AP Government
    Genetics & Biotechnology
    English 12 Honors
    AP Chemistry

  3. I’m a junior and not the best having never taken AP (only a few honors classes). However I’m stuck with which classes are REQUIRED for seniors to take. I want to take an off period as well so that my senior project works how I want (because I’ll have to volunteer at elementary schools)
    My classes as a junior this year:

    Algebra 2A
    US history
    Honors Anatomy and Physiology
    French 2
    Musical Theatre Adv
    Theatre adv
    English 3
    (I’m planning to take Eng 098 next year tho)

    And I know Government is required for seniors but what else?

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