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The Best College Admissions Planning Packages that Fit Your Needs

Great College Advice guides you through the entire admissions process, from assessing your needs, building a college list, developing an application strategy, to writing awesome essays.

Great College Advice offers three all-inclusive packages of college planning services.

Premium Package

This college planning package is for families who want strong guidance in every aspect of the college selection and application process. Our priority at Great College Advice® is to find the “best match” between the student’s needs and preferences and the offerings of colleges and universities. Students who elect this package may be interested in top colleges, but are driven primarily by finding the schools that match their interests. This package is excellent for the family seeking merit-based scholarships to reduce the cost of their student’s college education.

Our “Premium Package” includes all the following college planning services:

  • A suite of academic, personality, and career assessments
  • Recommendations on class choices and extracurricular focus
  • A custom college list
  • Strategies to reduce the cost of college
  • Standardized testing strategy and timeline
  • Guidance for teacher recommendations
  • Advice on campus visits and researching colleges
  • Admissions interview prep, plus a mock interview
  • Application timeline to meet deadlines and stay organized
  • Brainstorming, structuring, and editing of the primary personal statement 
  • Assistance with five additional essays
  • Line-by-line review of the applications prior to submission
    and more!

Additional Bonuses

Bonus if purchased in 10th grade: 3 additional sessions + early start on assessments.

Bonus if purchased in 9th grade: 5 additional sessions + early start on assessments.

Bonus: includes guidance in making the final decision.

Bonus: For athletes and artists, basic guidance and advice with regard to athletic recruiting, fine arts portfolios, and performing arts auditions.


Elite Package

This college planning service takes the most holistic approach and best suits students aiming for the most competitive colleges and universities in the US. It is also perfect for families simply desiring an extra level of personalized guidance. Students receive additional substantive strategic guidance on how to craft an appealing application, as well as tactical advice on essays, supplements, communications with colleges, and interviews to improve chances of admission.

Most notably, this package of Great College Advice provides assistance with a larger number of essays and writing supplements. These supplement are key differentiating factors in the applications to the most competitive institutions.  

The Elite Package includes all the college planning services in the “Premier Package,” plus the following:

  • Strategic guidance to improve a student’s chances to enter the most selective universities (e.g., Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, and the top 25 liberal arts colleges)
  • Regular check-ins to help students expand their academic and extracurricular accomplishments
  • Recommendations on summertime opportunities to amplify the student’s record of achievement
  • One-on-one guidance with complex essays required for highly selective universities (up to 25 essays)
  • Assistance with additional applications for scholarships or honors programs (up to 2),
    and more!

Additional Bonus

Substantive strategic guidance to improve a student’s chances to enter the most selective universities in the United States (e.g., Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, and the top 25 liberal arts colleges).

Regular check-ins and sustained guidance on developing the student’s academic and extracurricular profile.

Individualized guidance, research, and identification of appropriate summertime opportunities to amplify the student’s record of achievement

Assistance with additional scholarship applications and applications to honors programs (up to 2).


Senior Package

For those students who seek personalized assistance with the final pieces of the college application process, this package is for you!  Students who have some general ideas about their goals when they come to us receive the following college planning services one-on-one with a great college advisor:

  • A suite of academic, personality, and career assessments.
  • Refinement of the student’s existing college list.
  • A full review of all student information and documents.
  • Development of an application strategy.
  • Application timeline to meet deadlines and stay organized.
  • Brainstorming and editing assistance for primary personal statement. 
  • Assistance with five additional essays.
    and more!


"We had a shortened timeline and contacted you all the August before my daughter's senior year. We had been working with a college counselor who was not active enough, and when we got our daughter's SAT score (which was happily very high) we decided we needed a better team for help. Our goals were to get help in doing her applications, and in choosing schools to apply to. Karen was prompt, available and responsive. My daughter felt very supported."
Karen H.

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