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We specialize in YOU.
Let us help you develop and execute your educational plan.

We work with a wide variety of students, including

  • Academically gifted

  • Recruited athletes

  • Late bloomers and under-performers

  • Students with learning differences

  • International students

  • Undocumented students

  • Homeschoolers

  • Transfer students

Great College Advice offers an introductory service to set you off on the right foot.

Our “Road Map to College” service provides you with the necessary tools and information to arrive at your destination–and even have some fun along the way.

We efficiently and effectively gather the most pertinent information from students and families.  We then analyze this information and present our ideas and strategies in a personalized meeting.  We give you thoughtful, personalized information to help you get the most of your high school experience–and achieve success in the college admissions process.

We offer Great College Advice on

  • Academic planning
  • Standardized testing
  • Extracurricular strategies
  • Choosing the right colleges

You’ll also receive a helpful document to guide you through the process, and customized notes that serve as guideposts for your “Roadmap to College.”

Cost of this comprehensive introductory service:  Only $450.

For more information about the Roadmap to College, please click here.


We have worked with students in large suburban high schools, small rural schools, private day schools, and selective boarding schools.  For a partial list of the secondary schools our students have attended, please click here.   

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

When is the best time to begin college consulting?

Generally speaking, it’s good to begin making plans earlier rather than later.  Because of the competitive nature of admissions at many selective universities, as well as the more complex application procedures, we usually recommend that students begin sometime in the 10th grade.  Some have decided to start as early as the 8th grade.  However, we also have worked successfully with high school seniors in the final weeks before applications were due—and achieved excellent results.  So there no wrong time to get the right advice. 

How are your packages priced?

We base our prices on the year the student graduates from secondary school.  Families get the best value by starting early.  To learn more about our current pricing, please contact us

How often do you meet with a student?

We meet as often as necessary to ensure that the student is successful in reaching his or her objectives.  Because we tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each student, we don’t have any sort of set schedule of meetings or contacts.  At some points in the process, we may meet only once a month.  At other points, we may meet daily—supplemented with emails, phone calls, and the occasional text message. 

Do you meet with parents, too?

Absolutely.  We take a team approach to counseling, and parents are primary members of the team.  No one knows a child better than her parents.  So we meet with parents to get insights into the student’s choices, priorities, and communications style.  We also take pains to communicate (and respect!) parental preferences, because it is the parents who pay not only for our services, but for whatever educational choices the student may make.  Additionally, we will keep parents regularly updated on student progress via email and phone conversations.  Parents are always welcome (and expected!) to connect with us with their questions at any time. 

If I don’t live near your offices, how do you communicate with students?

While our counselors can’t claim to be “digital natives” like our kids, we have been catching up fast.  We use the latest in distance technology to communicate with and instruct our students.  Skype has become a relatively routine tech tool, and we use it daily.  The added advantage to using Skype—even for our local students—is that there is never a need for busy students to commute to our office.  If you’d like to speak to a recent client who has worked with us by distance, just let us know and we’ll connect you. 

What is your success rate?

Perfect.  But as we explain, everything depends on your definition of “success.”  We do not guarantee entry to any particular school, university, or program.  But we do guarantee that we stand by our students to help them identify the most appropriate and exciting educational opportunities for themselves—and give them the best possible chance of admission.  For more about how our success can (and cannot) be measured, please check out this article from our blog.

How often do work with students bound for the Ivy League?

All the time.  We have had students accepted to every one of the Ivy League schools (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania), as well as the other most highly selective schools in the country, including Stanford, University of Chicago, MIT, CalTech, Johns Hopkins, and Carnegie Mellon.  Each year we are delighted by the success of our students in being admitted to these top universities.

Do you give presentations at schools or civic groups?

Absolutely.  Please click here for more information about our presentations and seminars.