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Today I want to tell you all about an exciting project I’ve been working on that’s ready to make expert college admissions advice more convenient and more affordable for every family.
I became a college admissions consultant because I recognized students and parents didn’t have enough help navigating what often seems like a confusing and secretive process.  I wanted to use my insider experiences as a teacher, a college administrator, and admissions officer to help students find the right colleges, and to help parents pay less for their kids’ education.
With each passing year, the college admissions process gets more competitive and confusing, and the cost of tuition continues to skyrocket.
Families need support throughout this process more than ever before, and they’re getting less of it. They’re certainly not getting it from overworked and undertrained high school guidance counselors. A recent study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation found that most college-bound students felt that they were given inadequate advice, and those “who believe they were badly counseled were less likely to receive financial aid and more likely to be disappointed in their college choice.”
Montgomery Educational Consulting, my associates and I have been able to help many students and families navigate the college admissions process.  And we often work pro bono for some kids who just don’t have access to solid college guidance.  But I’ve always wanted to make it easier and even more affordable for every family to get the benefits of expert college advice, so they can make the best choices, get into the right schools, and save big on the cost of college.
I’m happy to report that with PossibilityU, this wish is a reality.
PossibilityU makes it easy for students and families to pilot the applications process, while giving them the opportunity to connect with advisors for one-on-one advice when it’s most needed.
I’ve organized my one-on-one sessions into an easy step-by-step online process that takes students and families from just beginning their search to finding the right college, getting the right financial aid, and creating their best possible application and essay.
It’s full of my essential advice in the form of webinars, articles and videos—I’ve even been animated! Click below to watch a clip.

It pains me to see families make college choices based on misinformation, like choosing what they can afford base on the advertised prices of colleges (instead of what a family would actually pay) or squandering great high school achievements by not using the application to tell the story that makes a student most compelling to colleges.
Now with PossibilityU there’s a way for every family to afford the expert support that will help them make the right choices, and find and get into the right college for them. It’s been my experience over and over that at the right college students are more successful, happier, and get more financial aid.
If you want to know more, please check out Or let me know if you have any questions about whether or not PossibilityU is right for your family.
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant and
Chief Advisor, PossibilityU


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