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Malaysian student says Great College Advice has been “the highlight of my college application journey”


Zi is a Malaysian student who will attend Vanderbilt University. Zi worked with Mark Montgomery and the team at Great College Advice, and shared his experiences in the video below. Be sure to watch it!

If you missed the video, here’s a short recap.
Zi worked with Mark and the college counselors Great College Advice team for two years. Zi says that his growth over the two years was remarkable. Zi specifically cited Mark’s guidance, patience, and expertise, saying that “working with Mark was like working with many experts from multiple different fields.”
Zi pointed out that while Mark was certainly a knowledgeable college admissions consultant, what Zi appreciated most was Mark’s willingness to go above and beyond just his duties as a consultant. “He was a friend who listened to my concerns, cared for my feelings, and understood my passion for Minecraft,” Zi said. “He was a mentor who frequently challenged my comfort zone and afforded me the opportunity to learn how to make my own decisions.”
You, too, can receive the same level of guidance and mentorship that Zi received. Hard work and some help from Great College Advice can give you the chance to get into amazing schools, but more importantly, our amazing team of college admissions advisors will become mentors and friends to your student.
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