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Touring a Campus? Don't Forget the Library!


Thousands of students are touring college campuses this summer asking about dorms, residence halls and classrooms.  But many will forget to take into consideration one key campus resource:  the library.  Last month, US News and World Report published, “4 Reasons Why the Library Should Affect Your College Choice.”
The article really covers 4 things students should look for in a library when they are visiting schools.  I would add a 5th topic:  Ask students about how they use the library.  If you are on a tour, ask your tour guide if they use the library and how they use it.  Do they find the staff helpful?  Is it a good place to get some studying done?  Have they ever used the researching tools available?  If you can, ask more than one student these questions.   Remember that some students will use the library more than others.  It may depend on the student’s studying habits or even what they are majoring in.
You may be the type of student who is in the library daily.  It may be the best place for you to study or (believe it or not) socialize.  The library is an essential component of the college campus visit.  Take some time to check it out!
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant
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