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Why Attend the University of Rochester? One Man's Response


As I explained in a previous post, I recently asked a group of friends about their experiences in selecting a college or university.
One University of Rochester alumnus recounts here how he chose the college he attended.
“All other things being equal — good academics, financial aid, extracurricular activities — I was looking primarily for a school in New York State because I had a Regents Scholarship (state funded) that could only be used within New York. I applied early decision to my first choice (private school in NY) but didn’t get in. My guidance counselor was so annoyed, saying that if I had applied from Utah I would have been accepted in a minute but they didn’t want too many New Yorkers to overwhelm the class. He got on the phone — in my presence — called up the admissions office of another school, read them my grades and scores and asked how I seemed as a candidate. They were positive, sent me the application and I got in.
This was the University of Rochester where I went to my 30th reunion last fall. It was a great experience and I’m always happy to praise the school.
When I deal with applicants now as an alumni recruiter, I tell them they should make sure the school has what they want academically and they should be self-starters, but knowing how to ask for help when they need it.
That’s what I think of as a “good match” at my school.

Applicants should think about whether they want to be in a city or in the middle of nowhere, or near a city but in an enclosed campus environment. Do they want a small intimate community or a large university setting? The academics come first, of course, but if you’re going to be living at school, you want to make sure the rest of it meets your needs as well.”
After attending U Rochester, this gentleman went on to law school. He is now a journalist and movie critic, and he teaches film at a local college.
Each person’s road to college is different, but usually they end with a happy result.
Mark Montgomery
Montgomery Educational Consulting


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