City University of New York Beefs Up Honors College

The other day the New York Times featured an article on the resurgence of the City University of New York (CUNY), with special focus on its honors college, which has relocated to a beautiful brownstone in the heart of Manhattan.

Here’s an excerpt:

With the new base, leaders of the Honors College see a turning point in a nearly decade-long effort by Matthew Goldstein, the university chancellor, to reinvigorate CUNY, whose graduates include Ira Gershwin, Colin Powell and nine Nobel Prize winners, and return some of the luster it had between World War II and 1970, when admissions standards were relaxed.

This year, more than 3,200 students applied for 360 slots in the Honors College, 630 more than last year, and 2,400 more than when the program started in 2001. First-year students in the Macaulay program have an average SAT score of 1399, compared to 1132 in CUNY’s 11 senior colleges.

For sharp students who seek the urban lifestyle, but for whom Columbia and New York University may be something of a stretch may do well to consider CUNY’s honors program.

Mark Montgomery

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