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Yesterday’s post focused on articles commenting on the increase in application numbers at top-ranked institutions.  The Philadelphia Inquirer also published an article on application increases at colleges and universities in the area.  One interesting note with this article is that the University of Pennsylvania saw a 22 percent increase in applications from California.  While Swathmore saw a 16 percent increase, Villanova was up 34 percent and University of Delware was up a staggering 36 percent.  These numbers are an interesting reflection of the California higher education crisis.

On another note, last month the Los Angeles Times reported that the UC system is rolling out a waiting list for the first time ever.  While not all campuses will need to create a waiting list, it is estimated that approximately 1000 students will be impacted.  The new waiting list is just another way the system is attempting to cope with an unpredictable future.


Katherine Price

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