Admissions Consultant on Campus Security

College expert Mark Montgomery advises students to think about the strictness of a campus’s security when deciding whether to attend.

Campus Safety

Did you know that September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month? ¬†Campus safety has always been a hot topic for prospective students and their parents, however it has recently gained more urgency due to the murder Yale graduate student, Annie Le. ¬†All colleges and universities are required to report crime statistics under the Cleary Act […]

Questions to Ask about Campus Safety

I wrote here about a Reader’s Digest report that ranks college campuses on their relative safety. I don’t believe these rankings tell us very much about whether or not or sons or daughters will be safe on campus. They are not useful in comparing campuses. However, Reader’s Digest did come up with two useful tools […]

Reader's Digest Delivers Ratings on College Campus Safety

Family magazine Reader’s Digest has issued rankings on campus safety. Using a number of criteria that weigh incidents of rape and murder more heavily than burglary or theft, Reader’s Digest helps consumers to understand the relative safety of over 250 campuses. I worry that such rankings will be taken out of context. Reader’s Digest is […]