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Familiarize Yourself With the Common Application Now So You Are Ready For August

 Are you familiar with the Common Application? If not, this is a great time to start familiarizing yourself. As a reminder, over 450  colleges and universities who utilize a holistic admissions process use this application so it is likely some of the colleges you are considering use this.

The next few months are a great opportunity for current high school juniors, and their families, to understand the application, the questions it asks, the format, and how it is used before it launches on August 1. You will also be able to see the essay questions that you will be asked as well as how the forms look that your teachers and counselor will be filling out for the letters of recommendation.

You can log on to the CommonApp website and see the pdf version of the 2012-13 application that they recently posted to start preparing.



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Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant

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