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Summer Task for Seniors: Prepare Additional Materials

This week we have written about how to narrow down your college list, organize application requirements and deadlines, and complete your personal statement.  Another task you can think about before you have to hit the books this fall are any additional materials you may have to prepare for your applications.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Resume:  While most schools do not want you to submit a formal resume since they can see all of your involvement listed in extracurricular section of their application, it is still a good idea to have a resume prepared.  You may need a resume for scholarship applications, but it is also a good idea to have a resume ready to give to the people who are writing your letters of recommendation.

Mark Montgomery provides detailed information on how to ask for a letter of recommendation in his post, “Six Tips for Getting Great Letters of Recommendation.”  One of his tips, “Provide Your Teacher With Adequate Information” provides insights on additional materials you can prepare this summer in order to obtain high quality letters of recommendation.

2.  Music Resume or Art Portfolio:  If you are applying to a specialized art or music program, you may be required to submit additional materials that will showcase your talents.  Putting together video or audio recordings of your performances or a portfolio of sample drawings is a great way to start getting your additional art materials organized.

3.  Test Optional Materials:  If you are planning on applying to test optional schools, you may be required to submit additional materials in order to supplement your standardized testing scores.  Gathering grades tests, papers or projects will help you prepare for the possible requirements of a test optional policy.

Now you have read all of our tips for summertime preparation for the college application process.  If you attempt to complete a portion of these suggestions, you will be well on your way for a stress-free fall!

Katherine Price

Educational Consultant

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  1. Good summer tips! My question is what can students do to give their an app a leg-up from the common joe? What you mentioned is great, but what about preparing for letters of recommendation (relationship building) or social media activities that help them stick out?

  2. Great questions Alexandria! We do recommend that students put together materials to help individuals who are writing your letters of recommendation. Read Mark’s post for more information: As for social media, some colleges are providing students with the chance to make an on-line video in lieu of writing an additional supplemental essay (Tufts is a good example of this). You can make a video of yourself and send the link on on-line footage to a college. Some schools may take the time to view it and some will not. As far as activities, colleges want to see that you are “passionate” about something and that you have been able go above and beyond being involved in that activity. This may be volunteering (extensively) for a cause or gaining a leadership position. It is best to be devoted to a few activities then to have your resume overflowing with clubs and organizations where you merely attend meetings.

    Good luck!

    Katherine Price
    Senior Associate
    Montgomery Educational Consulting


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