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Holiday Breaks- Not the Best Time for College Tours


Many families struggle with finding the time to do college visits.  With school, work and extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to plan tours around everyday life.  Even though it may be tempting, the upcoming holiday breaks are not the best time to plan your campus visits.
During the week of Thanksgiving, colleges are often open, but the students have already ventured home to be with their families.  Often times there are not even campus tours offered.  You may be able to meet with someone in the admissions office, but it will be difficult to get a feel for the college culture without students present.
Winter holiday break is even worse.  Most colleges may be closed December 23rd to January 2nd.  Again, if you venture to a college that third week in December, the admission counselors may still be there, but they will more than likely be knee deep in reading applications.
So when is the best time to visit college campuses?  Unfortunately it is during the school year.  Try to pick a time, such as a February or March break, but be careful not to overlap with the college’s spring break if possible.  Make sure you do your research an look at the school’s campus tour calendar.  Most colleges have sign ups on-line.
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Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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