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Is Your Kid Cut Out For College? Take this quiz:

Is Your Kid Cut Out For College

Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself to help you decide if your kid is cut out for college. Ready for the rigors of an independent academic life, and all the rewards and responsibilities that come along with it.


Do they get good grades?

A well-rounded student is involved in more than just academics. But the basis of a solid college career is solid academic achievement. Is your student ready to handle it?

Do they like to read?

Exercising the mind for fun is a sure sign of academic potential. Readers demonstrate an ability to self-motivate when it comes to learning and mental growth.

Do they like what they are learning in school (at least most of it)?

Do they ever talk positively about their academics? Recall stories of enjoying themselves in class? Do their teachers say they are active participants in class?

Are their ACT or SAT scores above the national average?

More over, this is not a necessity for acceptance into any college. But it’s a good indicator of your student’s readiness to move forward in their academic career.

Are they active in the community in some way?

Good grades are the foundation of a solid college application. But your student can really stand out as prepared for life on campus if they are actively making a difference outside the classroom.

Is their main after-school activity “relaxing with friends”?

Do they enjoy intellectual stimulation? Are they motivated by a sense of charity, community, or activities that require self-motivation?

Are they able to manage their own schedule (without help from you)?

College students have to work independently, and to take responsibility for how they spend their time. So, you won’t always be there to remind about due dates and deadlines.

These are all good indicators of whether or not your student is cut out for college. However, if you answer ‘no’ to some of these questions, all is not lost. Because, much of what is required for success in college is teachable, and can be learned over time and with and increased maturity. So the best solution is to start your student early on a path toward academic and extracurricular success with encouragement toward positive activities. First, find out where academic subjects and community activities intersect with your student’s interests, and nudge in those positive directions.

Is your kid cut out for college? The experts at Great College Advice can help you find the right academic program for your student, no matter their level of success or engagement. Contact us to learn about our wide range of services and find out how we can help you get into a top college.


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