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University of Redlands in California: Private College at a Public Price


The University of Redlands offers a gem of a campus at a bargain rate for top students. On a recent visit to this beautiful college with the majestic backdrop of the snow covered Mt. Baldy, I was delighted to learn about all that it offers:
For “A” students, University of Redlands offers private college opportunities at a public university price. For all applicants with a weighted 3.5 GPA and a combined SAT Critical Reading & Math score of 1140 or greater, Redlands has a new merit academic scholarship this year which will automatically take $16,000 off the tuition.
According to the Associate Dean of Admissions, 40% of the applicants qualify for this merit academic scholarship.
Redlands does its best to help students bring their GPA up to a 3.5. How? By bringing every AP and Honors class up a grade (given that its a C or better). So if you had a B in AP World History, Redlands will consider that an A when they are factoring your weighted GPA.
Next year’s tuition, room and board will be approximately $47,000. That means “A” students can actually attend the school for $31,000 which is the cost of UCLA or Berkeley. But students have smaller classes and far greater personal attention. They also won’t have to fight during registration to get the courses they want.
The word is out on Redlands as each year the number of applications are going up. According to Admissions, in 2003, there were 3,000 applications for 600 spots in the Freshman class. Last year there were 4,500 applications for those same spots. This year, the school already has received 500 more apps this year.
In response to the greater interest in the school, the University of Redlands Administration has decided to increase the student body from 2400 undergraduates to 2500 undergraduates.
Juliet Giglio
Educational Consultant in Los Angeles, California


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