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A New Kind of Wait List for College Admissions


When students apply to a college, they typically get three possible responses:
But  now there is a fourth option at some schools:
GUARANTEED ADMISSION if the student first attends another college or university for a year or perhaps two. And then they are accepted.
Why is this happening?  As colleges are increasingly swamped with applications, a small but growing number of colleges are offering this fourth option: guaranteed admission if the student goes somewhere else for a year and earns a pre-approved GPA.
According to the NY Times,
“This is an unusual mix of early admission and delayed gratification that has allowed colleges to tap their growing pools of eager candidates to help counter the enrollment slump that most institutions suffer later on, as the accepted students drop out, transfer, study abroad or take internships off campus.”
Juliet Giglio
Educational Consultant in Los Angeles, California


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