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Accepted, Wait Listed, Denied- Helpful Articles


High school seniors have finally received the answers they have been waiting for. Were you accepted, wait listed or denied from the college of your choice?
The Acceptance
You received the answer you thought you wanted, but why is this decision so complicated?  As an article in The Huffington Post points out, there is a lot to consider once it comes time to make that final decision.
The Waiting List calls the waiting list “the basic equivalent of purgatory” in college admissions.  It is true that you don’t have a final decision, unless you decide not to remain on the school’s waiting list.  It can be a tricky situation, especially if the school is your first choice.
The Rejection
No one likes to be rejected, but a recently article in the Wall Street Journal points out that sometimes rejection can open doors you never dreamed of. The article highlights successful people (TV personalities, entrepreneurs, etc.) who were also rejected from their “dream schools”.
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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