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Applying to Law School?


If you’re thinking about going to Law School, the first thing you should do is visit the website.  It’s full of information for law newbies, and answers the following questions:

Once you’ve decided you’re going to law school, the LSAC site can be invaluable for helping you to make a list of law schools.  It will guide you in finding schools that are realistic for you.  If you’re living in a major city, it also posts a calendar of events at which you can meet with law school reps and learn more about their programs.
Once it’s time to submit your applications, the LSAC website is like the Common App – but it’s for law school applicants only.  Both JD and LLM programs are aided by the site.

LSAC will take your undergraduate transcript, your LSAT scores and letters of recommendation.  They’ll send all that information out to your law schools.
If you’re an international student, you’ll pay LSAC extra to evaluate your transcript.  In my experience, I’ve learned it’s best to give LSAC at least a month to have your transcript evaluated.
Of course all this doesn’t come cheaply.  Unlike the Common App, it costs money to use LSAC:  a base fee of $75 with extra costs included each time you have materials sent to law schools on your list.  But if you’re going to law school, chances are you’ll be a lawyer and chances are, these costs will one day seem minor.
Juliet Giglio
Educational Consultant in Syracuse, New York


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