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Are You a Match? Interviewing Staff at the Disabilities Services Office


The next step is to arrange a meeting with the Disability Services Office on campus.  Come prepared!  Call prior to arriving on campus and come prepared with a list of questions.  Having this conversation will allow your family the opportunity to become familiar with the Disability Services Office and the services they provide, the accommodation procedures, and other college resources.  Most importantly, it will help alleviate some stress in learning to deal with a new environment.  During your visit, size up your comfort level in working with the personalities in the Disability Services Office by asking a few of the following questions:

  • What is the application process for students with learning disabilities?
  • What services are available for students with learning disabilities?
  • What documentation is required?
  • What will I need to do to receive the necessary services?
  • Are there any additional fees for the services you provide?
  • Is there a separate application for the Disability Services Office?
  • Will I have access to a case manager on campus?

Remember, the whole purpose of accommodations is to give your student the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course curriculum by minimizing or even eliminating the impact of a disability.  The bottom line?  Be proactive in knowing where to go and what services are available.
Heather Creech
LD Educational Consultant


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