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Back to School Already? Five Things For High School Seniors To Do When They Get There.

high school senior with notebook over her head
high school senior  with notebook over her head

Here in Colorado, students are already getting ready to head back to school. How about you?

As a new senior in high school there are a few things you should remember to do before you get too swamped with homework and applications.

1. Check in with the teachers who will be writing your letters of recommendation.

Hopefully,  you took some time last spring to identify, and possibly even ask, these teachers to write a letter on your behalf. Either way, a reminder will serve them well.

2. Update your resume.

Don’t forget to update your resume with what you did over the summer! Now that you are a high school senior this is very important.

3. Make sure you are registered for any additional standardized tests.

Taking one last ACT or SAT? Taking another subject test? Double check that you are registered for a test that will still give you time to have your scores sent to the colleges you are applying to.

4. Check in with your high school counselor.

Make sure you know the process for requesting letters of recommendation and transcripts and the appropriate amount of time needed to make sure these items get mailed to your colleges.

5. Set up your calendar for the fall.

Whether it is on your phone, in a day planner, or on your computer you will have lots of deadlines coming up very quickly. Homework assignments, tests, applications and more. Make sure you don’t miss anything!
Good luck!


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