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Baylor University's Lovely Campus


I spent some time on Baylor‘s campus today. It was not the best day for a visit (Sunday) and I arrived around noon before the campus was awake.  Thus I had a nice, solitary, reflective walk around the sprawling, well-kept grounds.  Once the buildings opened around 1 pm, I poked around the library and the brand-new science center.  I also took a spin around the new student center–a gorgeous facility with one of the largest and tallest climbing walls anywhere, and a recreational pool with both lap lanes and a play area.  I spoke with a few students who glowed with enthusiasm for their school.
I also went to downtown Waco for an art fair and listened to some tasty jazz and sampled a Mexican shrimp cocktail.
If you like Big 10 sports, seek a Christian community (Baylor is about 40% Baptist), and love warm weather, then Baylor may be for you.
Mark Montgomery
Montgomery Educational Consulting

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