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Best Value in Public Colleges


piggy bankWith college cost soaring, many families are wondering how to get the best “bang for their buck” when it comes to paying for a college education.  With that said, I have noticed that many families are shying away from public colleges due to fears of budget cuts and delayed graduation timelines, even though the overall cost may be cheaper.
Kiplinger recently published their list of the Best Values in Public Colleges.  University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Virginia and University of Florida all top the list.  But as with any ranking, you have to ask, who determines what is valuable?  Is it academics?  Is it resources?  Graduation rates? Or is it just the overall experience?
While Kiplinger’s list provides some valuable insights into the opportunities provided by public higher education, students need to determine what is most important to them when looking into which colleges to apply to.  Rankings are good place to start your research, but do not make your entire college decision based on where a college falls on a list.
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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