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Carnival of College and Finance


I love carnivals.  All kinds of carnivals.  Including blog carnivals.

The latest edition of the carnival of college and finance is up.  Take a look at the great posts.

My favorites include:

Matthew Paulson presents Don’t Get a Job in College to Pay For School, Start Your Own Business! posted at American Entrepreneurship.  I have a client who started his own lawn business.  He makes a killing, works only one day a week, and has written an excellent essay on the subject.  Colleges love entrepreneurs.

GrrlScientist presents The War on Higher Education: Faculty on Food Stamps posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “It’s a sad world when your students earn many times more than their professors do, but that’s the fact these days. Watch this disturbing video and then decide whether this country values higher education.”

Happy reading!


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