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Carnival of Kids and Money


Well, this carnival is up a bit late, but it was worth waiting for.  The Carnival of Kids and Money is hosted by the Money Hacks.
My favorite posts at this carnival are:
Michael presents College Life: Is it Better to Live On-Campus or Off-Campus? posted at Michael Emilio.  It’s a great post that lays out the pros and cons of all the alternatives.  Furthermore, one’s decision depends a lot on what you hope to get out of college.  Plus, one’s decision might also depend on the type of college one attends.
David Cassell presents Masters Or Doctorate – Which One? posted at  This lays out the basic differences between the two degrees.  I would add that one’s choice depends a lot on the field of study.  Further, one should try to calculate a “return on investment:”  what sort of salary do you expect after your degree, and how does that relate to the anticipated cost of the degree program?
Check out the Carnival of Kids and Money.  You’ll be glad you did.
Mark Montgomery
College Counselor


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