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Educational Consultant Keeps Student Organized on Journey to Dartmouth


Ali was unfamiliar with the college admissions process and was a habitual procrastinator. With the help of college admissions expert Mark Montgomery, she got accepted into Dartmouth and couldn’t be happier.

Hi, I’m Ali, I am from London and I am a freshman here at Dartmouth. Obviously, being from London, I didn’t know a lot about the American admissions process, and so I got Mark to help me out with that, and honestly I’m very grateful he did because I don’t know how I would have made it through the process without him. I had a very difficult admissions process. I have friends who got into their first-choice colleges early decision and that was it. That was amazing and I’m really happy for them. That did not happen for me. I had almost three rounds of letters and not quite acceptances and trying to figure out what I wanted to do, and at one point I was enrolled in a different college which I didn’t end up attending. I’m ecstatic that I’m here now but that was a really tough time for me and I think having someone there who kept me sane, who helped me work out what I wanted to do through the emotional aspects and making sure that things like essays and applications and letters all got done. I know myself and I would have let that fall to the wayside. I’m very grateful for that and I recommend Mark’s services.


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