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Educational Consultant Visits Lynn University, a True International School


Mark Montgomery, expert admissions counselor, tells those engaged in the search for the right college that getting admitted to Lynn University means getting admitted to a cosmopolitan school rich in culture.


I’m here on the campus of Lynn University. And I do find as I’m working with students around the world that many students are looking for a real international environment. And the first impulse is to think that the top schools in the United States have the most international environment. Well, as it turns out that’s not true. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, the Ivy Leagues, run about 15% international. Sometimes a little less than that, a little more, but around 15% international students.

An international school

Here at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, it’s 25% international. And another 10% or so are American citizens who have never lived in this country. Who maybe carry an American passport but have lived in Colombia or in Venezuela all their lives. But end up coming to the United States to study. So it’s kind of interesting to get beyond the assumptions that certain universities are going to be the most international. When in fact a place like Lynn University, about 2,500 students here in Florida just north of Miami. Fantastically international place and a very hospitable environment for international students.

In fact, the two people that we had lunch with today, the associate director of admission and the director of admission. Both were from other countries. The director of admission is from Italy and the associate director was from the Czech Republic. So people not only come here from many places around the world but some of them actually choose to stay. So if you’re looking for an international place, think of Lynn.


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