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Ivy League Early Admissions Statistics for Class of 2021


Each December, for countless ambitious students across the country and around the world, the holidays take a back seat to something much more nerve-racking: the release of early admission decisions at their first-choice colleges! This past week was a busy one for us here at Great College Advice as many colleges publicly released their early admission statistics. Here we’ve put together a table of the statistics released by the eight Ivy League colleges, along with a few other great schools, for the Classes of 2021 and 2020. Click on the school’s name for more in-depth information, along with a link to that school’s press release.
[table id=3 /]
Interesting to note that every school on the list received more early applications this year than last year — in some cases, substantially more. And one school, Stanford University, didn’t release their early application statistics at all this year.


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