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Kalamazoo College – Great Value for Money


Kalamazoo College provides great value for money. Mark was able to spend some time on this campus, poking around and learning about what special characteristics Kalamazoo has to offer.
Watch this video to know more about what makes this Midwest college a good choice for students. Beyond the beautiful campus and great facilities, Kalamazoo offers a very strong liberal arts education.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant
You may read the transcription below:
I am here today on the campus of Kalamazoo College, which is in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It’s a medium sized city of about 225,000 people. It’s actually a big college town because Western Michigan University is also here. The Kalamazoo College is a small Liberal Arts college and if you look around, you know, you feel, it’s a surprise. That’s one of the things about the Midwest. It’s really a surprise to see this beautiful quad, the columns, the architecture. I mean you could swear you were on a New England campus somewhere, but here we are in the Midwest, excellent college.
Kalamazoo is know for a couple of things, one, its excellent teaching. It is one of the 40 Colleges That Change Lives, and it really focuses on undergraduate education, always has since it was founded in the early 1800s, and the second thing that really sets Kalamazoo apart is its International Studies Program. Like a few other colleges, University of Denver, Dartmouth, even Northwestern, it has a trimester schedule, so that makes it possible for students to take say ten to twelve weeks off of campus, and about 80% of the students here at Kalamazoo College spend some time overseas. So, the international focus of this school is really palpable.
It doesn’t have a really, really strong and diverse community although for a Midwestern Liberal Arts college it is more diverse than many, but certainly the attitude here is expansive and looking outward into the world. That’s always been one of the hallmarks of this college. It’s a beautiful, beautiful campus and brand new student center right here to my right, and we have also walked in the library, beautiful facility. Really this would be a wonderful place to go to college for someone who is serious about academics, who really wanted to spend their time learning in an undergraduate college and who had that desire to study abroad and to be among people who have that international attitude.
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant


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