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Looking for a Strong Christian Identity? Hope May Be the Right College for You!


On a recent visit to Hope College in Holland, Michigan, Mark took a few moments to share his impressions about the academic program, the arts, and the strong Christian identity of the college.
Check out this video to hear more from him on this beautiful liberal arts college at the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, or read the transcript below:

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant
I’m here right now on the campus of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, right on the shores of Lake Michigan. And it’s a Liberal Arts College of about 3000 students with a strong historical and current relationship with the Reform Church in America. It does have a strong religious identity – Christian identity. So, for students who are looking for that in their education this would be a great option. It’s a beautiful campus, great facilities, known for really strong science. Also, Performing Arts is great. There is a summer repertoire theatre here. So, Holland serves as a hub for the arts.
It’s not that far from Grand Rapids. It’s about 2 hours from Chicago and, again, you know, one of these Midwestern surprises. A beautiful, Liberal Arts college in a place that you wouldn’t necessarily expect, but certainly has the kind of campus that’s redolent of a Liberal Arts College in New England.


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