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New Online Application Product: More Super than the Common Application?


When I applied to colleges, my mom and I dragged out our old typewriter, stocked up on white out and got to work.  Now students can complete applications online and apply to several schools at once.  For years the Common Application has been the most popular method of applying to colleges electronically, but now students and colleges have choices and an innovative system is introducing a new spin on the electronic application process.
Last week a posting on Inside Higher ED discussed the new SuperApp, a new online application product that promises to “significantly ease the application process.”
One of the differences between the new SuperApp and the widely popular Common Application is that SuperApp will be available to colleges that do not require an essay for their application process.  ConnectEDU (the company producing the SuperApp) argues that their product is more inclusive, thus increasing access to low income and first generation students who are more likely to apply to schools with less intense application processes. Meanwhile the Common Application continues to argue that the requirement of an essay is a part of a “holistic” application process that goes beyond grades and test scores.
The good news is that students now have options that continue to strive towards making the college application process a little easier.  I guess it is time to get rid of the old typewriter!
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant
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