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New Study on Transfer Admission


Inside Higher Ed published an article yesterday about a new study, being release by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, on transfer admission.  The study showed that both public and private institutions place emphasis on academic performance at the postsecondary level, however, private schools are more likely to look at standardized test scores, essays, high school academic performance and recommendations.
As a former transfer admissions counselor at a private school, I can tell you that your postsecondary GPA is the most important factor in your transfer application, especially if you needed to improve your GPA from high school.  However, if a college is being “selective” with their transfer process, the other factors do take on more importance.
Most private schools are going to strive to treat transfer applicants as they would their first-year applicants.  They want to have a holistic review process.  That is why it is important for transfer applicants to put some effort into their applications.
If you have any questions regarding the transfer admission process, let us know!  We are happy to help!
Katherine Price
Transfer Advocate


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