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Parents, Go Home


It can be one of the most difficult days of a parent’s life: dropping your son or daughter off to college.  My kids are no where near high school and I am already dreading it.  I have also seen it from the perspective of a college administrator.  Well meaning parents show up on campus with their child and they want to make sure their child is completely settled before they leave.  They would often skip designated orientation activities so that they could do one more run to the grocery store.
While parents can have the best intentions, they can also overstay their welcome.  The NY Times ran a story on how colleges are encouraging parents to say “good-bye” in a timely manner.  Some schools are doing formal “separation” ceremonies.  Others are just planning separate activities for students and parents.
No matter how colleges “plan” to have parents leave, it will always be an emotional process.  I know I will need a box of Kleenex when it is time to let my girls go.
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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