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Seniors, Are You Ready For May 1st?


We are closing in quickly on the May 1, national confirmation deadline for colleges and universities. This is the date that students must let the college or university know that you will be attending. Typically, this requires that you submit a signed confirmation form as well as an enrollment deposit. Often, you can think of this enrollment deposit like a security deposit for a house, it holds your spot.
Are you ready to make your commitment? How are you spending these last few days leading up to May 1 deciding?
– Flipping a coin?
– Trying that t-shirt with the college name on the front on one more time?
– Getting feedback from the people you trust?
– Reading the fine print on the financial aid forms once again?
– Chatting online with current students to get your final questions answered?
– Writing pro and con lists?
Everyone makes their final decision in a different way. My advice? It echoes that of our NACAC 2011 keynote speaker, Jonah Lehrer. Go with your gut.
Go with what your instinct tells you. You’ve visited the campuses, spent the time researching, read all of the brochures, gone on the website hundreds of times and now the time has come to take the next step. Listen to what your gut is telling you and ask yourself, “Will I be happy here?” Is the answer yes? Then sign your name on the dotted line and start getting excited for this new adventure you are about to embark on!


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