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Need College Advice? Learn the Best and Worst About Working with Mark


Rob worked with Mark Montgomery, expert education counselor, on all parts of his college applications. In this video, he tells everyone what the best and worst parts of the experience were for him.

Here’s a transcript of Rob’s comments:
The worst thing about working with Mark is he’s honest with his writing comments, with his comments about your grades in junior year, if your grades are… ’cause he’s gonna work with you from when you start until when you end, and so he’s gonna be looking at your quarter grades. And it’s important, I think, not only just for Mark but I think it’s for you, and he’s gonna keep you focused for yourself on how to keep your academics up the entire time.
I think the best thing about working with Mark was the entire process was not just how to get into the hardest school possible that I could get into. I think it was… we were together able to choose a school that I really like. I think the best part was also that he worked with me beyond just filling in the application or writing, like, helping me write the essay. I think we worked on developing my story and my resume, my identity to the college.


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