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Ten Things To Do Now That You Have Chosen Your College

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Seniors, now that National College Decision Day has passed you might be wondering, what’s next? There are a number of steps you should make sure to take to wrap things up.

Here you go!

1. Let the other colleges you were accepted to know that you will not be attending. 

If you were accepted to other colleges it is polite to let them know that you will not be attending. You can typically do this by sending them an email so they have documentation. This may allow a spot to open up on the waitlist for another deserving student.

2.Make sure to send your final high school transcript to your college. 

Colleges typically require a record on file of your final high school transcript and graduation date. Make sure that this gets sent and confirm with your high school counseling office that they have completed this process.

3. Send any AP test scores that you want your college to consider directly to the college. 

If you are looking to get credit for AP exams that you scored well on, you will need to have the scores sent directly to your college through the College Board.

4. Accept any offers of financial aid or scholarship.

Sometimes, accepting an offer of financial aid or scholarship is a separate process from confirming your intent to enroll. Make sure that you have submitted any necessary paperwork.

5. Register for housing. 

Every college has a different policy for registering for housing. Make sure to follow your college’s instructions. Often, you will need to submit a separate housing deposit. You may need fill out some surveys and in some cases you might actually get to choose your residence hall.

6. Sign up for orientation. 

Orientation is typically required for all incoming students. Some colleges offer one large orientation date just prior to the start of the fall semester, some colleges offer numerous sessions throughout the summer. Make sure to sign up for the date that works best for you.

7. Choose your college classes & take placement tests. 

Sometimes, a college may ask you to complete placement tests to determine a level of course you will enter. In some cases you will need to take these tests online prior to orientation and in some situations you will take them once you get to school. In addition, selecting college classes may happen at orientation with an advisor or you may be given access to the course catalog and asked to do this on your own.

8. Finish the last month strong. 

Make sure to finish out your final courses, grades and exams to the best of your ability. Don’t forget that colleges can reserve the right to rescind an admissions decision if there is a significant decline in your academic performance. Don’t let this happen to you!

9. Thank those who have helped you along the way. 

It is likely that a number of people helped you during your admissions process: parents, counselor, friends, teachers, etc. Think about all of the individuals who wrote your letters of recommendation and supported you in reaching your goals. Take the time to thank them and let them know they are appreciated.

10. Start making a packing list. 

Getting ready to head off to college is an exciting time and you don’t want to scramble at the end of the summer when it comes to packing. Start a running document and make notes of things you don’t want to forget to bring with you.
Congratulations seniors and best of luck to you!


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