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The Stress of College Admissions Means We Spend More Time With Our Kids. Good?


The Economix blog at the New York Times reports on a report (can you do that?) that concludes that the reason more and more college educated parents are spending so much time with their kids (when it would seem that it would be more rational for them to use their educations to make more money) is a result from the increasingly competitive nature of college admissions.
Me? I’m going to skip my son’s soccer game tomorrow and make some money!
Just kidding.
Actually, as a college planner, I know that if I’m cheering him from the sidelines, he’ll feel loved, and strive to achieve, and therefore be admitted to Harvard seven years from now.
Just kidding again.
Let me know what YOU think:  More Parent-Child Quality Time? Thank Harvard – Economix Blog –
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant


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