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This Week's Cavalcade of Carnivals


I love blog Carnivals. I read a lot, and I participate in a lot.
This week, here are some interesting ones.
The Seventh Edition of the Carnival of Improved Life is open today. Tons of interesting information about how to life better, feel better, and get an athletic scholarship (okay, that one was me).
The Carnival of Kids and Money has some great posts about how to help your kids learn about saving and investing, as well as ways to help them spend money wisely. The host, Money Hacks, does a organizes his posts very clearly–and creatively.
The newest discovery is the Carnival of LinkedIn Bloggers, which is hosted this week by Paula G Web Design.  It’s an eclectic mix of posts.  I love using LinkedIn…I had three new folks Link In with me just today!
Finally, there is a new Carnival in town: the Carnival of Sports News, hosted by Cricket Buzz. It’s a worthwhile addition to the blogosphere, and you should check it out…and perhaps participate!
Mark Montgomery
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