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Time for "Family Guidance Office"


I enjoyed reading David’s Marcus’s Acceptance,  a thought provoking book about a “legendary guidance counselor who helps seven kids find the right colleges–and find themselves.”

I especially appreciated some very helpful suggestions included at the end of the book.  Under a subsection entitled “Preserving family harmony–and sanity”, Marcus suggests that families “set aside forty minutes or so to go to a diner or coffee shop every week to talk about SAT’s and ACT’s, financial issues, and other application business.  Designate that place as your ‘family Guidance office.'”

What an inspired suggestion, a “family guidance office!”  Family conversations would be so much more thoughtful and intentional.  Parents and students would be required to keep a lid on their anxiety and to share thoughts regarding college admission and problem solve in a much more controlled setting.  I will suggest this to all my clients; thank you “Smitty” and David Marcus.

I am relating only one of this excellent book’s many “tips” that will help inform families about the search process. This would be an especially helpful read for those who are beginning with their first child.  Not only is it full of specific insights gathered from a long school guidance career, but it reflects a sane and wise approach to helping each student by honoring every student’s uniqueness.

Barb Elbot
Educational Consultant



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